How to Use myAir


You’ve got yourself a new CPAP machine and now you want to know what the next steps are. You should be looking forward to joining their Connected Care platform and getting regular updates on your sleep apnea treatment.

Let’s get right to it and go through the steps to getting an account registered on ResMed’s myAir.

The following steps and screenshots will be your guide to [highlight dark=”no”]creating your myAir account[/highlight].

          1. Click through to and you should see the following page in order to click on “Create an account now”:[boc_spacing height=”30px”][boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          2. Fill in all the information in “About Me” before clicking Continue.[boc_spacing height=”30px”][boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          3. Input all of the information necessary in the “My Therapy” section according to your particular mask.[boc_spacing height=”30px”][boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          4. Select your personal mask and then click Continue after checking the “I consent…” box.[boc_spacing height=”30px”][boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          5. Fill out the details for the “My Health” section with your AHI from your sleep study, the time, and whether is was a home sleep study or lab.[boc_spacing height=”30px”]
            myAir 4
            [boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          6. Finally, you should see this image popping up after you’ve inputted all of your information. Your account is now active![boc_spacing height =”30px”]  myAir 5[boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          7. Now, you will be able to see all of the information on your Dashboard whenever you log into myAir. You can review your progress, see what your score consists of, and visually see the number of you may have experienced the most recent night.[boc_spacing height=”30px”]myAir 6 [boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          8. There are many different categories and charts to look through. There are even coaching tips and videos to help patients maneuver their way through sleep apnea treatment progress.  [boc_spacing height=”30px”]myAir 7[boc_spacing height=”30px”]
          9. Each night, the myAir will collect data from each patient’s machine in order to calculate a score in the morning (out of 100) and you can see how well you did that night. You can even earn digital badges!  [boc_spacing height=”30px”]myAir 8[boc_spacing height =”30px”]
          10. Be sure to review your charts frequently to see the breakdown of each night’s score.  [boc_spacing height=”30px”]myAir 9[boc_spacing height =”30px”]
          11. Finally, whenever you’re feeling a little stuck, take a look at the helpful videos on the myAir site to get yourself back on track.  [boc_spacing height=”30px”]myAir 10 [boc_spacing height =”30px”]

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”span”] Once you input all of your information into creating a myAir account, keep tracking your progress with it and your treatment might just improve right before your eyes.

If you have any concerns or questions at all, our respiratory therapists are ready to answer any questions!

Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at [highlight dark=”no”](866) 535-2727[/highlight] or [highlight dark=”no”][/highlight] if you have any trouble with myAir or any other concerns! We are here to help you.



Noteworthy: “Finances Not Primary Obstacle in CPAP Adherence”

In an article entitled “Finances Not Primary Obstacle in CPAP Adherence” published on January 11, 2016, Neurology Advisor reports that money isn’t necessarily what is turning patients off sleep apnea treatment.

“Living in an unfavorable neighborhood is not an obstacle to CPAP treatment among symptomatic patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea under a copayment health care system…overall CPAP acceptance rate was relatively low, suggesting that obstacles other than finances are primarily responsible.”

The authors of the research cited in Neurology Advisor’s article point out that of 58% of the 695 participants with severe obstructive sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness purchased a CPAP device and both participants from high-income and low-income neighborhoods accepted CPAP devices, though higher-income neighborhood inhabitants exhibited a slightly higher percentage of CPAP acquisition.

These findings suggest that at least at least 40% of the tested subjects with sleep apnea did not even take the initial step to try out the PAP therapy on the CPAP devices. This is not, in any way, a positive indicator of the proper steps for sleep apnea care that is effective with first time or experienced patients. Maybe those people that didn’t even look into CPAPs as a solution or they didn’t know where to start with There is always a chance that the process overwhelms them, but that’s why Breathe Medical is here to help. Our respiratory therapists are here to assist anyone trying to start or get through sleep apnea therapy successfully.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”spam” wrap=”span”] Whether or not you suspect that you have sleep apnea, consult your personal physician and see if you can qualify for a sleep study to determine if sleep apnea is really present. Next, if sleep apnea is present, contact Breathe Medical to have a dependable [tooltip title=”Durable Medical Equipment provider”]DME[/tooltip] for all the equipment and support you could need.

In an earlier Breathe Blog post, we mention that poor support system and mask or machine discomfort were the most prominent reasons sleep apnea treatment falls by the wayside. Nowhere do we mention finances as being a leading indicator of compliance or success. This is important to note because many people may be mistaken in thinking PAP therapy is costly and isn’t worth the financial investment. It is hard to put a price on one’s health, but getting the quality sleep you need to have a properly functioning body and mind is so vital to achieving your goals.

The quality of life you could have with restful sleep is invaluable.

Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at [highlight dark=”no”](866) 535-2727[/highlight] or [highlight dark=”no”][/highlight] if you think you need some extra support for starting sleep apnea therapy or if you have any questions at all! We are here to help you. 



Ever Wondered About the AirSense 10 Elite?

ResMed AirSense10 Elite CPAP

Have you ever thought about the CPAP machines behind the vital PAP Therapy?

One of the most vital pieces of sleep apnea treatment is the actual CPAP or BiPAP machine, so let’s take a deeper look into AirSense 10 Elite.

As part of ResMed line of AirSense 10 CPAPs, full connectivity and ability to monitor a patient’s progress wirelessly are fully present in the AirSense 10 Elite. One of the defining aspects of ResMed’s AirSense 10 Elite is the ability to recognize central sleep apnea and Cheyne-Stokes respiration in patients. Even if a patient doesn’t have any sort of central sleep apnea symptoms, this machine has full capabilities in line with the regular ResMed Airsense 10 CPAP machine to ease patients into a successful sleep apnea therapy.

As the night begins, a patient can expect to be lulled into restful sleep through the AirSense 10’s many features.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-2″ wrap=”span”] Imagine starting your night off with the AutoRamp with Sleep Onset Detection feature to have initial low air pressure delivery with gradually increasing pressure for an easy transition for a night of quality slumber.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-2″ wrap=”span”] Leading into higher pressures, Expiratory Pressure Relief feature (EPR – decreases a patient’s pressure during exhalation on breath-by-breath basis to promote comfort, therapy compliance and smoother breathing) kicks in to give more leeway to a patient’s personal breathing pattern as exhalation occurs.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-2″ wrap=”i”] Throughout all of these breathing cycles, patients may worry getting an awful dry mouth. That concern is alleviated by the presence of a humidifier integrated into the system for more streamlined temperature and humidity settings. The automatic climate control and temperature settings can be enabled and configured for each particular patient’s preferences to get optimal temperature control.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-2″ wrap=”span”] Finally, when you need the convenience of not having to physically turning on and off your machine every time you need to leave the bed SmartStart is one of the most convenient features. With SmartStart, this feature enables automatic device power-on by breathing into a mask and then automatic shut-off when the mask is removed.

In addition to excellent features, the components that make up the AirSense 10 Elite are also assembled to create a soothing sleep environment for anyone undergoing sleep apnea treatment.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”span”] Internally, the AirSense 10 Elite contains a quiet Easy-Breathe (TM) motor. Easy-Breathe devices are up to 90% quieter than any other PAP (positive airway pressure) flow generators.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”span”] Externally, there is an ambient light sensor for easier brightness adjustment with an angled LCD screen for easy bedside viewing by the patient at any time of night.

If you’re having any doubts about your current machine or CPAP, let us know.

Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at [highlight dark=”no”](866) 535-2727[/highlight] or [highlight dark=”no”][/highlight] if you think you need a machine upgrade to the ResMed AirSense 10 Elite or if you have any questions at all! We are here to help you. 

New Year, New Motto to Follow

As we start off 2016, let’s talk about resolutions!

Who knows someone – or has been that person – who says that this new year is going to be the year they will get healthier?

There’s always the cliché “be healthier” or something similar that tops the list of “most popular resolutions”, but how many people actually follow through with that resolution is a mystery. This year, Breathe Medical wants to make it a point for everyone to keep their health on the forefront of their minds.

Our motto is [highlight dark=”no”]”Quality Sleep for a Healthier Life”[/highlight] and that holds true no matter what time of the year it is, but in order for people to feel fully healthy, sleep is essential.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-2″ wrap=”span”] Our team always ensures everyone in our care that being healthy is a long-term commitment that cannot be rushed. Only after thoughtful time and effort will your short-term gains turn into long-term benefits of healthier lives, so with each patient’s compliance and Breathe Medical’s support, healthy lives can really thrive.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”info-2″ wrap=”span”] Even though all of our bodies are different, we all have heard that adults need at least 6-8 hours of sleep on a nightly basis to function properly. Without the proper sleep, our bodies can deteriorate at a much more rapid pace because there is no downtime for our internal systems to repair themselves.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”contrast” wrap=”span”] Those with sleep apnea are in even worse conditions during the sleep cycle because nighttime doesn’t bring as much rest as it should. Some may experience coughing or choking when their airways close up at unforeseeable moments. Some may keep tossing and turning throughout the night, due to the abrupt coughing and sputtering after every apnea or hypopnea episode. Some may even have trouble falling back asleep at all with the disruption the sleep apnea has caused. It’s because of these irregular sleep patterns that people afflicted with sleep apnea do not get the sufficient amount of sleep.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”bullhorn” wrap=”span”] Repercussions from lack of sleep may appear immediately or farther down the line!

Don’t wait until you feel the dire effects of sleep deprivation to get help.

Potential symptoms of sleep apnea or effects of sleep deprivation may include:

  • Perpetual fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Learning difficulties
  • Even death (the number of fatal automobile accidents due to falling asleep at the wheel is staggering).

Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at [highlight dark=”no”](866) 535-2727[/highlight] or [highlight dark=”no”][/highlight] if you think you need a help getting better sleep or if you have any questions at all! We are here to help you. 


Walking through Your Standard Water Chamber


[highlight dark=”yes”]Have you ever thought about your water chamber?[/highlight]


The standard water chamber for the AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 line of machines (pictured above) is one of the most integral parts of your CPAP/BiPAP machine and just like the other components of your machine – it must be regularly maintained and replaced as time goes on. Without the water chamber and humidifying properties of a CPAP machine, people will most likely experience morning dry mouth as well as dry nasal passages that could lead to irritation or inflammation. To ensure that your PAP therapy is comfortable while still being effective, humidification is key and a functioning water chamber will allow for great humidity.

[highlight dark=”no”]Do you know if you’re taking proper care of your water chamber?[/highlight]


Here are some cleaning guidelines:

  • It is recommended that you wash your humidifier and tubing daily in warm water, using a mild cleaning agent. Rinse those parts thoroughly with clean water and allow them to dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Once a week, inspect the water chamber for wear and deterioration.
  • Replace the water chamber if any component has cracked, become cloudy or has odd indents.
  • If you start noticing white powder or deposits in the water chamber..
    • (1) Fill the water chamber to the maximum water level mark with a mixture of one part vinegar to ten parts water.
    • (2) Soak this solution for ten minutes.
    • (3) Discard the solution and rinse the water chamber with clean water.
  • Fill your water chamber with only distilled or sterile water.
  • Do not use tap water. It may contain minerals and chemicals that can damage components of the machine.
  • It is also not recommended to use filtered water (i.e. through a Brita filter) for the same reasons.
  • Do not use: bleach, alcohol, chlorine or ammonia-based solutions; moisturising, antibacterial or glycerine based soaps; and water softening and unapproved descaling agents should also be avoided.


Using distilled water will lengthen the life of your water chamber and reduce mineral deposits, so always try and use distilled water as much as you can. The recommended replacement schedule for water chambers is six months per chamber, so as long as you abide by the recommended care guidelines, your water chamber should provide aid in optimal humidification for at least those six months before replacement.


Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at [highlight dark=”no”](866) 535-2727[/highlight] or [highlight dark=”no”][/highlight] if you have any trouble with cleaning your water chamber or replacing your water chamber! We are here to help you.