Replace your parts and get amazing sleep.

It’s important to replace machine and mask parts as well as different CPAP supplies in order to get the maximum benefit of your CPAP therapy. It’s also important to keep all CPAP supplies and equipment clean for longer life, and more hygienic therapy.

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Signs you should replace your therapy parts.

Many sleep apnea patients may not realize the importance of replacing their CPAP supplies to ensure a comfortable, proper fit and maximum effectiveness.

When your CPAP system is working at its best, you’ll be able to tell the difference. In fact, 7 in 10 PAP patients say they sleep better after replacing their supplies. And 1 in 3 say they get more sleep after replacing supplies.



It Leaks

Facial oils deteriorate the sealing effect of cushions over time, even with proper hygiene. Don't tighten the headgear when you feel leaks. Over-tightening causes discomfort and pressure points, and can lead to additional leaks.

It Doesn't Fit

A mask that doesn’t fit can cause you to readjust your mask continually and/or over-tighten the headgear, which reduces how long it can work effectively. Contact your provider to get re-fitted.

It's Dirty

When your equipment or parts don't seem to get clean no matter what, a replacement will help bring clean air into your life. Use only mild, soapy water to clean equipment and parts. Don’t use soaps with moisturizers or perfumes.

It's Damaged or Aged

If your equipment or parts are damaged or show signs of aging, it's time to replace them. These can be leakage issues, cushions that lose shape, and/or components or cushions that become cracked or torn.

Will my insurance cover replacements?

Most insurance companies cover replacement parts, as well as your machine. CPAP machines are considered to be durable medical equipment. Please check with your healthcare insurance provider for their allowances. You may need to pay a small deductible or co-payment depending on your insurer. 

If a component appears to be worn out, or shows any of the signs mentioned above, you may want to consider replacing it even if it’s not covered by your insurance. Worn out components can reduce the effectiveness of your sleep therapy and can lead to problems with your CPAP machine that could result in costly future expenses that would’ve otherwise been avoided.

To get started, send us your prescription if it’s not in our system already. We are here to help you get the sleep you deserve.



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