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You’ve got yourself a new CPAP machine and now you want to know what the next steps are. You should be looking forward to joining their Connected Care platform and getting regular updates on your sleep apnea treatment.

Let’s get right to it and go through the steps to getting an account registered on ResMed’s myAir.

The following steps and screenshots will be your guide to [highlight dark=”no”]creating your myAir account[/highlight].

          1. Click through to and you should see the following page in order to click on “Create an account now”
          2. Fill in all the information in “About Me” before clicking Continue.
          3. Input all of the information necessary in the “My Therapy” section according to your particular mask.
          4. Select your personal mask and then click Continue after checking the “I consent…” box.
          5. Fill out the details for the “My Health” section with your AHI from your sleep study, the time, and whether is was a home sleep study or lab.
            myAir 4
          6. Finally, you should see this image popping up after you’ve inputted all of your information. Your account is now active!  myAir 5
          7. Now, you will be able to see all of the information on your Dashboard whenever you log into myAir. You can review your progress, see what your score consists of, and visually see the number of you may have experienced the most recent night.myAir 6
          8. There are many different categories and charts to look through. There are even coaching tips and videos to help patients maneuver their way through sleep apnea treatment progress.  myAir 7
          9. Each night, the myAir will collect data from each patient’s machine in order to calculate a score in the morning (out of 100) and you can see how well you did that night. You can even earn digital badges!myAir 8
          10. Be sure to review your charts frequently to see the breakdown of each night’s score.  myAir 9
          11. Finally, whenever you’re feeling a little stuck, take a look at the helpful videos on the myAir site to get yourself back on track. myAir 10

Once you input all of your information into creating a myAir account, keep tracking your progress with it and your treatment might just improve right before your eyes.

If you have any concerns or questions at all, our respiratory therapists are ready to answer any questions!



Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at (866) 535-2727 or if you think your PAP therapy isn’t helping you to the fullest extent or if you have any additional concerns or questions! We are here to help you.

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