Why do People Quit Treatment?


There’s always some attrition that happens in all fields and circumstances – whether it’s a war of attrition in history or the rate of attrition in a difficult college major – but those that tough it out through the hardships are the ones that reap the most benefits. This is the same with personal health. How often do people quit exercising or fall off the bandwagon of eating healthy? Countless times.

The question we want to answer here is: Why do some patients quit sleep apnea treatment?

The reasons may range, but some of the top justifications for therapy cessation are:

  • Bad support system
  • Discomfort from masks
  • Discomfort from machine pressures 

These are all things within a person’s control.

Breathe Medical acts as a foundation of support and perpetual encouragement, but if someone is not fully willing to adjust and persist through with their sleep apnea therapy, our support can only go so far. Even if someone knows that untreated sleep apnea can lead to dire circumstances – even to the extent of death – they may not be fully willing to go through each step of treatment and take the time to consult with their respiratory therapist or personal physician for support.

What can be done to resolve these reasons for quitting?


#1: Potential solutions for a poor support system.

  • When the support system of both a patient’s healthcare professionals team and personal family or friends are both positively affirming that the patient can be successful in sleep apnea treatment, the patient should have enough encouragement both inside and out of the home to keep treatment a top priority.
  • If a patient explains to their loved ones how important it is for sleep apnea treatment to be consistent in order to be effective, those around them should be much more receptive and aware of how significant this treatment could lead to increased quality of life.
  • Keep your personal physician and Breathe Medical in the loop of how the therapy is feeling and if there are any troubles that need to be addressed. They are the biggest cheerleaders and only want what’s best for patients.


#2: Discomfort from masks.

  • If something is uncomfortable or unbearable, seek out your personal physician or a respiratory therapist at Breathe Medical as soon as possible.
  • Something as minor as moving the mask a little bit lower on the face could solve persisting problems, but if that isn’t working, be sure to consult Breathe Medical.
  • Take care to not tighten the elastic bands too much. Over-tightening the headgear may lead to facial strain.


#3: Discomfort from machine pressures.

  • Talk to Breathe Medical’s respiratory therapists if a pressure might be too high or too low.
  • Make sure to consult your personal physician for a confirmations of pressure changes.
  • Humidity might play a role in nightly comfort, so consult Breathe Medical to see if there should be any tubing changes or humidity changes.

Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at (866) 535-2727 or if you think your PAP therapy isn’t helping you to the fullest extent or if you have any additional concerns or questions! We are here to help you.

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