What Are Some PAP Therapy Benefits?


What are some PAP therapy benefits you should expect after being set up?

The PAP therapy benefits range from short-term results to long-term gains, but one thing is for certain:  you will feel BETTER. It may not happen immediately after you are set up on the new equipment, but with some time and effort, you’ll be feeling more refreshed and hardly believe how you even endured life without PAP therapy to combat your sleep apnea.

Physical Benefits

The daily fatigue or headaches you might have had to suffer through will gradually disappear, once you get used to the PAP therapy treatment and earnestly put in the time and effort to try and become accustomed to the machine or equipment. Besides feeling more awake with potentially fewer instances of getting up during the night and less snoring, you will have a much more restful demeanor overall.

Mental Benefits

The taxing effects of sleep deprivation might be felt through lapses in memory loss, mood swings, or learning difficulties, but once the PAP therapy starts to become a part of your daily routine, you’ll feel much more ready to tackle any daytime activity that you may have once deemed too draining or you didn’t have the level of concentration for it – due to the mental fatigue sleep deprivation has built up over time. Your mind won’t feel “clouded” or “foggy” anymore once you start getting back to the quality sleep your body needs.

Social Benefits

With the increased level of restful sleep, your family and friends should start noticing a more alert you! Instead of maybe an irritable, perpetually tired, moody father or spouse, you’re feeling better overall and that gets reflected positively in your surrounding peers too. The snoring your loved one tolerates is also subsiding, so he or she is probably very excited to be able to sleep in a relatively quiet environment again.

To ensure that you receive all these benefits from your PAP therapy, the key things to do after you’ve gone through setup are:

  • Seek out help from Breathe Medical’s respiratory therapists if you have any concerns or questions
  • Use your PAP therapy machine at least 6 hours per night in order to get accustomed to your mask and have a chance for the PAP therapy to work
  • Take note of Breathe Medical’s respiratory therapist check-in calls or emails to ask about any abnormalities that may be occurring during the PAP therapy nightly usage

Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at (866) 535-2727 or if you think your PAP therapy isn’t helping you to the fullest extent or if you have any additional concerns or questions! We are here to help you.

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