Smooth Setup

Sleep apnea treatment is very easy to start up. Don’t be afraid of the machines, masks, or accessories – Breathe Medical is here to help!

Easy Maintenance

Our straightforward How-to guides on machine, mask, and accessories cleaning & maintenance allow each patient to keep their equipment pristine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our F.A.Q. page to see what questions our dedicated team has helped answer already.

Dependable Equipment

Breathe Medical only provides top-notch care with ResMed machines, masks, and accessories for successful sleep apnea treatment.

Ready for Reorders?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to reorder supplies or replacements, in order to continue having effective sleep apnea treatment.

Contact Us

Our driven respiratory therapists, patient coordinators, and physician liaisons are ready to help YOU. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Effective Compliance

Comprehensive data-tracking by ResMed’s AirView software to provide easy-to-use therapy progress reports for all patients involved in improving their sleep apnea treatment.

Plenty of PAP Therapy Options

The best offerings of machines and gear with industry-leader ResMed as the primary product line for sleep apnea patients at Breathe Medical.

Trusted Team

Our Breathe Medical staff is committed to the highest level of patient care and comprehensive wellbeing of each patient in order to elevate their understanding of why treatment is so integral in having a healthy life.

Awesome Support

With automatic data synchronization, our respiratory therapists can immediately check in with patients during the daytime and help resolve any issues with a patient’s sleep apnea treatment.
Patient Satisfaction Score

Let Us Help.

No matter what age, background, or condition a patient is in, our dedicated team of respiratory therapists and patient care coordinators are ready to track a patient’s progress 24/7 with cloud technology to monitor any positive or negative reactions to the sleep apnea treatment. The convenience of the cloud software truly allows our Breathe Medical team to keep an eye on every patient, yet hone in on those individuals experiencing any trouble at any stage of the night. Supplies and support will always be ready at any patient’s home hassle-free.

Setup is Easy.

Patient goes through a sleep study.
Signs off with their physician.
Gets a prescription for sleep apnea treatment.
Breathe Medical takes their prescription and introduces them to PAP therapy.

If any adjustments need to happen during the sleep apnea treatment, Breathe Medical’s respiratory therapists will consult directly with the patient in order to ensure ultimate patient comfort and progress is sustained.

Quality Sleep for a Healthy Life.

Breathe Medical is the accredited Durable Medical Equipment provider you need for technologically advanced and effective sleep apnea treatment for patients at any stage of PAP therapy. We are ready to help provide:


…for anyone struggling to get back into a regular sleep cycle.

Let's work together for your health! Join us in quality sleep now.