Take a Closer Look at The N10 Nasal Mask

Take a Closer Look at The N10 Nasal Mask

You’ve tried the full face mask.

You’ve tried the pillows mask.

Somehow, these masks just weren’t right for you. How about trying something in between the coverage of the full face mask and the slimness of the pillows mask? Take a look at the ResMed AirFit N10 nasal mask to see if this might be the perfect companion for your PAP therapy journey!

With masks of the For Him and For Her variety (see above for the For Him version and see the For Her version below), there will be a perfect nasal mask for every patient seeking the comfort and unobtrusiveness of the nasal mask.


A Closer Look

As you can see right off the bat, the unique under-eye frame allows patients to have a clear line of sight for uninterrupted daily routines – feel free to read, wear glasses, or move around without fearing the mask will be too tight or slip off. Your need to move around without the hindrance of a tight mask or uncomfortable straps on your face. Do not feel obligated to tolerate discomfort in your PAP therapy. If your discomfort persists and you cannot adjust your mask well enough to achieve some level of comfort, it might be time to switch to a different mask.

Dependable Design

The N10 Nasal Mask even has slimmed down straps for increased comfort and less facial strain for a superior wearer experience. Another aspect of the mask that should be touched on is the presence of a SpringAirTM dual-wall cushion that gives an increased seal and comfort all throughout the night in order for a peak PAP therapy experience. Light and durable flexi-tubing in the frame permits patients’ full movement without losing a good seal, so patients do not have to worry at all about the mask slipping off or being too constricting.

EasyClick self-aligning SoftEdgeTM headgear clips are also a straightforward feature that makes this mask stand out is being so quick to take on or off. The magnetic clips allow for very great ease in taking the mask on and off and struggling to get a mask off your face will not be a challenge in your nightly routine anymore.

The weight of this N10 nasal mask will not even be an issue in your sleep either. At a weight of less than 3 ounces, you will not be weighed down at all with this mask  during slumber. If you’re concerned about the noise that this mask might emit – do not worry. The N10 nasal mask contains venting that is circular diffused in order to keep exhalation air away from your partner and maintain a serene sleep environment.

Bottom Line

With its small number of parts and key-clip connecting the cushion to frame, cleaning and reassembling are not a hassle at all and the immensely quiet environment of this N10 nasal mask will allow each patient an effective and comfortable PAP therapy experience each night.


Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at [highlight dark=”no”](866) 535-2727[/highlight] or [highlight dark=”no”]patientcare@breathemed.com[/highlight] if you have any additional questions about the ResMed AirFit N10 Nasal Mask! We are here to help you.



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