Can Kids have Sleep Apnea?

Can Kids have Sleep Apnea?

As highlighted in a recent article (“Sleep Apnea Affecting Young Kids”), children can experience sleep apnea.

Does your child experience any of the following during the night?

  • Snoring loudly on a regular basis.
  • Pausing, gasping or snorting to show being short of breath.
  • Being restless or sleeping in abnormal positions.
  • Sweating a lot during sleep.

Does your child experience any of the following during the daytime?

  • Social or behavioral issues.
  • Low energy level during the day.
  • Headaches. Especially in the morning.
  • Mood swings or being irritable or aggressive.
  • Falling asleep during odd times.

If you see your child experiencing any of these things, it might be necessary to consult a medical professional to see if sleep apnea is in your child’s life.

Nemours Pediatric Pulmonary sleep doctor, Chris Makris:

“…2 to 4% of children have sleep apnea.”

If your child complains of being tired even though they’ve gotten a full night of sleep, they may be indirectly telling you that sleep apnea is in their life. Just be sure to get a medical professional’s opinion on the matter.

According to Makris, some children can get sleep apnea during the infant stage, but many are more likely to get it during the toddler or teenager stage. There are masks for PAP therapy machines and all ages, so be sure to look into all the different mask options for your child.

Once your child can sleep better, they are much more likely to do better in school due to increased alertness and higher cognizant levels during the daytime hours. Do not worry about discomfort during sleep because the right mask will give your child the restful sleep he or she needs to be successful in daytime activities.


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