What is Sleep Apnea?

What is Sleep Apnea? Breathe Medical can help with that.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea should not be ignored.

So, what exactly IS sleep apnea? When someone stops breathing in their sleep, even for just a few minutes (but usually longer), they are most likely experiencing sleep apnea. Without their knowledge, people can stop breathing for a few minutes or longer and this can total up to hundreds of moments in a night. People don’t realize they’ve stopped breathing, since these involuntary episodes don’t cause full awakening. That’s the danger with sleep apnea – you can’t tell if you have it unless someone else tells you.

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Over 300,000

Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused by Drowsiness (Each Year)

Over 6,400

Fatal Crashes on U.S. Roads Caused by Drowsiness (Each Year)

Over 20 Mil.

Adult Population in the U.S. That Could Be at Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

About 70%

of Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Be Reduced with CPAP Therapy

Sleep Apnea Must Not Be Overlooked

How dangerous is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is not only putting extra burden on you in the short-term with fatigue and daytime-drowsiness, but there can be long-term repercussions like hypertension, diabetes, and heart attacks due to increased levels of CO2 in the body from lack of oxygen. All of this extra stress on your system is under due to improper breathing during sleep.

Is there viable treatment available?

There are various treatment options for sleep apnea, but the top choice and most recommended option is the “positive airway pressure” device or PAP device. There are a variety of breathing masks endorsed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and with consistent usage, patients with CPAP (constant positive airway pressure), BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure), and VPAP (variable positive airway pressure) will see the most effective treatment.

Think you or your loved ones are at risk?

It is best to go consult your personal physician for a referral to a sleep lab for testing. After receiving sleep lab results, your physician will refer you to Breathe Medical to obtain PAP Therapy supplies if you qualify for treatment.

Be Aware of the Signs & Symptoms

The Major Indicator


It’s not just a bad habit to be ignored. It needs attention from a physician and sleep lab.


Symptoms of sleep apnea can also include daytime drowsiness & fatigue.

Memory difficulties

Learning difficulties

Waking up with headaches

Waking up short of breath

Irritability and mood swings

Difficulty concentrating

Waking up to urinate frequently

Sexual dysfunction

Abnormally dry mouth

Symptoms may vary.

Different people may exhibit different symptoms, but the important thing is to seek treatment from reliable sources.

Breathe Medical is here to help you with getting back your quality sleep.

Sleep apnea can be dangerous. Get help with Breathe Medical today.

Seek Treatment

Be at ease with the help of Breathe Medical.

Our dedicated respiratory therapists streamline sleep apnea treatment with the help of cloud technology and real-time data tracking of all our patients. Through initial meetings and mask setups, until later stages of treatment where AHI has decreased to normal levels, our team is only just a phone call or email away. As with anything new, Breathe Medical is here to help guide and support patients through these new – maybe even scary – experiences toward better health and wellbeing.

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Achieve Long-term Benefits.

Push through the short-term hassle to gain long-term health.

Heart Health

The increased oxygen levels in your body will allow your heart to work more effectively and lead to less of a chance for heart disease later down the line.

Increased Comfort

With continuous breathing happening now instead of insufficient levels of oxygenation during sleep, you will feel more rested and the fatigue or irritability will dissipate as sleep apnea therapy progresses.

You are in good hands

With ResMed’s myAir software and Breathe Medical’s team diligently scouring the data to hone in on any abnormalities in every patient’s PAP therapy, the human and technological support you will receive will push you toward restful sleep once again.

Let's work together for your health! Join us in quality sleep now.