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We are a dedicated team of respiratory therapists ; patient care coordinators

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Breathe Medical’s respiratory therapists and patient care coordinators have been helping patients accomplish effective sleep apnea treatment since 2007 and show no signs of slowing down our drive for quality patient care. We utilize technologically advanced equipment and software combined with diligent patient tracking in order to ensure high physician and patient satisfaction at any stage of the sleep apnea treatment.

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Wireless Connectivity

Advanced technology embedded in each of our sleep apnea treatment devices allows seamless transfer of patient data at any hour of the day or night – your treatment is monitored 24/7.

Cloud Technology

With software storing information in the cloud, healthcare providers or patients do not have to go through the hassle of transporting physical copies of data as proof of compliance.


Breathe Medical supports the patient at any stage of sleep apnea treatment, while also ensuring that patients realize how treatment is deemed effective and the dangers of complacency.

Patient Comfort & Compliance

Our time is devoted to tracking each patient’s progress via perpetually updated software embedded into each machine and any concerns are immediately addressed, in order to alleviate problems for long-term positive reporting.

Elevated Quality & Satisfaction

Increasing the wellbeing of sleep apnea patients through a high standard of service and care is one of the core values of Breathe Medical, regardless of a patient’s background, age, or condition.

Amazing Support

Our phone lines and email inboxes are for your questions, comments, or concerns at any hour of the day – do not hesitate to confide in us about any problems you may be having with your sleep apnea treatment.

Patient Care Is Our Top Priority

Breathe Medical is Here For You

If you suspect that you or your loved one is suffering from sleep apnea, please reach out to us after seeing your personal physician and sleep lab for initial tests. Sleep should bring you rest – not discomfort. We are here to help you get back your quality sleep.

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Breathe Medical is here to help you with your sleep apnea treatment.

Advanced Patient Care Technology

ResMed’s myAir software is capable of unobtrusive, thorough, and real-time reporting of every patient’s progress no matter what time of night.

This advanced technology allows Breathe Medical’s respiratory therapists to track every positive or negative outcome of each night’s therapy, in order to best take care of patients.

Supreme Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Score


Physician Satisfaction Score


PAP Therapy & Lifelines;Equipment

We only use equipment from industry-leaders.

Our top-of-the-line PAP Therapy products from ResMed represent the modern-day capabilities of cloud technology, instant data synchronization, and real-time tracking, in order to ensure the most accurate and timely patient care for all parties involved in the sleep apnea treatment.

Each patient also has more power in maintaining the effectiveness of their therapy with myAir functions that allow every user to not go through treatment blindly but actually see how treatment progresses night-by-night.

Do not settle for mediocrity.

Use quality equipment for quality sleep today.

More About Breathe Medical

Breathe Medical is an accredited “DME” (durable medical equipment provider) specializing in helping sleep apnea patients at any stage of their treatment. We have kept a strong commitment to serving sleep apnea patients with no signs of slowing down. Our team of patient care coordinators and respiratory therapists are here to support you every step of the way.

Our PAP (positive airway pressure) therapy is paired with top-of-the-line technology and industry-leading equipment to ensure patients successful treatment and combat the long-term effects of oxygen desaturation sleep apnea can cause.

We are Here For You.

Commitment to Quality Patient Care

We can help you sleep better.

Keep your health a top priority. We are ready to help you and your loved ones get back into a regular sleep cycle and better health today!