Taking Care of Your Equipment

Maintenance is Necessary.

Why is upkeep important?

Proper Function.

Functioning parts of the machine = functioning treatment.

Successful Treatment.

If a mask is faulty, sleep apnea treatment will be lacking in accuracy and effectiveness.

Viable Results.

Keeping your mask in prime condition would be one of the best things to do for accurate sleep apnea treatment with positive short-term and long-term results.

Is Upkeep Really Necessary?


Mask cushions tend to wear out over time and how long a mask lasts usually depends on each patient.

Length of life.

  • Length of mask life can depend on a few different factors, such as:
    • Amount of oils secreted by skin
    • Frequency of mask cleaning
    • Frequency of mask usage


It is best to follow guidelines in each new mask user kit and follow a constant cleaning routine.

Consistent Cleaning.

Consistent cleaning prevents accelerated deterioration of a mask.

What to Clean it With.

Use recommended cleaning agents for mask parts as recommended by the mask manufacturer.


Keep away from open flames.

When is replacement necessary?

Worn-out Mask.

It’s time for mask or part replacement if there are signs of holes, tears, or other leakages in or around the mask.

Consistent Upkeep.

Click here to see our replacement schedule for further details of when to replace your supplies.

Over-stretched Gear.

For headgear, replace it when there are signs of over-stretching or when elasticity is obviously worn out.

Are You a Current CPAP User?

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