How to Pay Your Bill – ONLINE

Paying Your Bill Online.

You’ve started on your sleep apnea treatment and everything is going smoothly…until you have to pay your bill! Mailing a check or paying in person might not be convenient for you, so paying your bill online is the way to go.

[highlight dark=”no”]Benefits[/highlight]: increased organizational flow ([highlight dark=”no”]easy to view[/highlight]), easier to get financial records ([highlight dark=”no”]easy to track[/highlight]), and you can pay for as many patients at a time as you need to ([highlight dark=”no”]easy to pay[/highlight])! You don’t need to search around desk drawers or accordion files anymore to look up a physical invoice if you need to check for a payment due date. This online bill payment is even more helpful during tax time when you don’t need to panic about not being able to find paperwork, since it is all stored online for you and anyone else who is listed as a patient in your user profile.

Do not worry anymore about hassles or deadlines to send in your payments via snail mail. With online payments, you will save so much time, while ensuring that your payments are being processed in a timely manner. Your information will never be sold to any third party entities and the only information stored in the virtual payment portal is used by your payment providers to securely transmit transactions during due dates. Your credit card details are sent directly to Breathe Medical payment provider Element Payment Services, Inc. over a secure SSL-encrypted connection. They are not processed on our servers at any stage of the transaction. The payment details are viewed by Breathe Medical authorized staff only.

Ready to start making payments online?

Keep reading.

The following steps and screenshots will be your guide to [highlight dark=”no”]successfully paying your bill online[/highlight].

  1. Go to this link and you should see the following page:[boc_spacing height=”30px”]Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.21.56 AM[boc_spacing height=”30px”]
  2. Create a user profile with the “Register” tab.[boc_spacing height=”30px”]Step2[boc_spacing height=”30px”]
  3. Input your own information accurately before clicking “Create user profile” button.[boc_spacing height=”30px”]Step3[boc_spacing height=”30px”]
  4. After clicking the “Create user profile” button, you should see the “Add patient accounts” page. Add the patients you will be paying bills for and fill in the form with appropriate information.[boc_spacing height=”30px”]step4[boc_spacing height=”30px”]
  5. You should be done and ready to pay your bills now![boc_spacing height=”20px”]

Once you input all of your invoices and payment details, there is an option for AutoPay to streamline your bill payments even more. You can always opt out of AutoPay at a later date if something needs to be changed.

If you have any concerns or questions at all, please look at this FAQ Page for further details and here for the Privacy Policy.

Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Medical at [highlight dark=”no”](866) 535-2727[/highlight] or [highlight dark=”no”][/highlight] if you have any trouble with paying your bill online! We are here to help you.