ResMed N10 Nasal Mask

The ResMed N10 Nasal Mask. 

Sleek Design

  • EasyClick self-aligning SoftEdgeTM headgear clips are straightforward and quick to take on or off with magnetic clips for supreme usability.
  • Light and durable flexi-tubing in the frame permits patients’ full movement without losing a good seal.
  • SpringAir(TM) dual-wall cushion gives increased seal and comfort.


  • Slimmed-down straps for increased comfort and less facial strain.
  • Weighs less than three ounces.

Won't Disturb

  • Unique under-eye frame that allows patients to have a clear line of sight for daily routines, wearing glasses, and reading.
  • Extremely quiet due to venting that is circular diffused in order to direct exhalation more evenly and away from the patient.

Various Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The ResMed AirFit N10 is an innovative nasal mask that allows patients ease of use, comfort, and effective treatment in a compact package. Not only do the magnetic head clips give patients an opportunity to remove the mask without any pain or hassle, but the increased cushion seal and circular diffusing vents allow for quiet and snug mask experiences in bed, in front of the TV, and assures a patient’s loved ones that this nasal mask is worth the investment for a good night’s rest.

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