How To Use MyAir

How to Get Started with myAir.

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ResMed’s myAir allows each patient to take their sleep apnea treatment into their own hands. Through PAP Therapy support, coaching, and progress reports embedded into a cloud network where patients, healthcare providers and insurance entities can gauge the success of a patient’s therapy at any stage of their treatment.

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Full connectivity
Real-time data tracking
Cloud capabilities
No downloads required
Virtual coaching
Increasing patient compliance
Easy-to-understand progress reports
Automatic data-synchronization

Take the Leap

Try out one of ResMed’s machines today and see how jumping into myAir can make your PAP therapy engaging and effective, today.

Sign up for your myAir account through ResMed.
After creating an account, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
Following confirmation of your account details, explore the wealth of resources from your myAir dashboard.
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Access myAir Anywhere

All myAir reports and educational sources are accessible via computer, tablet, or phone to provide convenience and keep a patient updated with their sleep apnea, regardless of where they may be.

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myAir will keep you on track.

ResMed’s software embedded into each machine will help you achieve effective results.

Through the myAir website, patients receive a score each night based on a combination of four sleep factors:

Usage, mask seal, events per hour and mask ON/OFF events.

Via email or text message, patients receive praise, encouragement, and educational emails – all of which are geared toward empowering the patient to stay on the treatment plan and push through the obstacles for better health.

All of the interactive materials present in the myAir dashboard allow all patients with a ResMed machine to take charge and keep tabs on how their PAP therapy is affecting their sleep apnea.

ResMed’s myAir is Here for You.

ResMed’s myAir is instantly included with every PAP therapy machine for immediate patient guidance and continuous data gathering throughout the process of sleep apnea treatment, so each patient can rest assured that they have the best tools to measure their progress.

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Personalized Attention

No matter what date or time of night, myAir has tracked every sleep cycle that you have utilized your ResMed PAP machine. This comprehensive data-tracking combined with perpetual progress emails will push patients to have more involvement with their treatment and get healthier much quicker.

Amazing Support - from Anywhere

No need to worry about consulting your healthcare provider on what your PAP machine is measuring – you can just check your myAir dashboard from any device with internet. This elevated convenience is one of the top features of ResMed’s myAir for a highly-increased patient experience.
Need myAir help for your sleep apnea treatment? Breathe Medical is here to help.

Fully Responsive myAir

ResMed MyAir’s Capabilities Allow Consistent Tracking At All Hours

Each ResMed machine comes equipped with myAir allowing each patient to track their progress during their sleep apnea therapy and get night-by-night progress. This is also part of a free online support program that sends messages directly to each patient with praise or suggestions on how to improve the all-important myAir score.

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