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8 Things We’re Thankful For…

In honor of the imminent Thanksgiving holiday, let’s jump straight into the reflective aspect of this season of thanks, with eight things we here at Breathe Medical are grateful for — one of which would be the eight years of business we’ve had the honor of building up, so far!

1) Being able to spread awareness, treatment, and awesome customer service to sleep apnea patients and their family or friends who have had to endure the consequences of sleep apnea (lethargy, depression, and hypertension – just to name a few that affect a significant number of the sleep apnea population).

2) Having the power to keep tabs on patients 24/7 with cloud technology software (myAir, AirView, and U-Sleep) that allows our respiratory therapists to have the most accurate reports on improvement or noncompliance with all of our patients.

3) Offering three of the best CPAP masks for quality, durability, and comfort on the market (ResMed’s AirFit N10, P10, and F10) in order to satisfy and effectively treat our patients and offer them viable, long-term solutions for their sleep apnea.

4) Growing a solid relationship with the sleep specialists and physicians in the California network in order to promote the best support structures for patients at each stage of sleep apnea diagnosis — whether it’s the initial titration or just a split-night study — we are ready to stand by our patients every step of the way.

5) Engaging patients with more severe respiratory ailments like COPD, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, and even asthma in long-term oxygen therapy or nebulizer therapy with our team of highly-dedicated respiratory therapists who know the value each of these portable machines can bring into the life of someone struggling to take the next breath.

6) Asserting the right to guide someone towards recognizing they have sleep apnea — whether it’s a constant snore, presence of hypertension, or even a large neck size — we believe that recognizing the symptoms and taking action to give someone the opportunity to improve their life is one of the intrinsic factors of why we strive to combat sleep apnea and will continue to do so with utmost dedication.

7) Treating everyone we meet, regardless of age or background, with the same high level of care and follow-up required to sustain the effectiveness of our CPAP, oxygen, or nebulizer therapy and with this high standard of care that we exhibit, we are elevating the standards or this sleep apnea treatment and forging a way to becoming the premier DME site for excellent care and treatment.

8) Seeing results and satisfied patients or family members of patients is simply one of the most fulfilling things in our business.

What could be better than being in the business of breathing?

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